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The Cat From Japan (2008)

Post Punk Revival

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This Son of Love & Death


At the moment the band is myself, Jonathan Jaffee. I'm in the process of finishing up the production. And then I'm off to hire more players for supporting roles. My last two bands were The Postmarks & Bling Bling. But, I feel it's time for me to step out from behind the bands I play with and do my own thing. Enjoy the music.

Jonathan writes, records, plays all instruments and sings except for Some backing vocals on Eyes skyward which were sung by Tracy Parrish. *And The chorus to Baby Be Free was co-written with Victoria who also sings in that song.



Completed Albums

The Cat From Japan(2008)

Post Punk Revival

Calculated Risks
Eyes Skyward
Counting Sheep
When You're Gone
Doesn't Have To Be So Lonely
Let You Go
List Of Events
Abe Sapien's Theme
Baby Be Free
Break Down City